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"I always enjoy the food and the people who work there are great!"
Steven Manwaring
Bellingham WA
"Staff is courteous and genuinely kind. The portion sizes are generous. I like the option to purchase just a slice or two; this is perfect for the kids. Next time, I hope to try one of the "specials"."
Jeanmarie Mueller
"Our order was correct, your staff was excellent, the quality of your ingredients and the flavor is the best in Bellingham. Please don't change a thing."
Joe Franson
Nooksack WA
"I love that you have mama lil's peppers. They absolutely make a pizza."
Tiffany Anderson
"The staff is always friendly, ready to provide great service and when all is said and done I get a delicious sandwich."
Leonard St. Clair
Bellingham WA
"Everything was perfect!!"
Marsha Seekins
Everson WA
"The best gluten-free pizza in Bellingham, perhaps the world!"
Kit Muehlman
Bellingham WA
"Love all the fresh ingredients on your pizza-Local and organic"
Linda Karabias
Bellingham WA
"Wheat Crust Pizza Delicious!!!"
Patrick O'Connor
"Your Little Italy pizza is the bomb! I'm happy you use nitrate-free pepperoni, the ham was delicious, mozzarella authentic, and the fresh basil the perfect topper!"
Stacey Crockett
Bellingham WA
"Great tasting pizza and very friendly service. And it was right on time."
Del Lowery
"Delicious Pizza!"
Matthew Russell
Bellingham WA
"Friendly people. Awsome pies"
Chris Hoag
Bellingham WA
"Birthday coupons are awesome!"
Jacob Blankenship
Bellingham WA
"Food is consistently delicious. I come back time and again for the black bean burger- super tasty!"
Liesl Schwerin
Bellingham WA
"Pizzas were excellent. Great toppings, great cheese, just the right amount of sauce and good thin crust."
Andy Law
Bellingham WA
"It was very busy and two workers checked in with me to let me know they would be right with me. It only took a few minutes to be helped. Also I called in after I ordered to say I would be a bit later. My order was altered so I could still have hot pizza. Well done."
Brenda Henoch
Bellingham WA
"Great food. Super convenient."
Andy Bunn
Bellingham WA
"Fast and delicious."
Maria Johnson
"Always the same great experience... Darius Rocks ! Nothing, all is gooood !"
Eric Matlock
Bellingham WA
"Perfect pizza- Hawaiian bbq"
Joanne DeMark
"Efficient. Staff is courteous"
jane davis
Bellingham WA
"My sandwich was very good and the cashier was friendly, knowledgeable and competent."
Jennifer Kurtz
Bellingham WA
"Best pizza in town!"
CJ Seitz
Bellingham WA
"Your crust and tomato sauce are amazing. Your staff was friendly and extremely helpful."
Becca Taber
"By far the best pizza in town. Hands down. Wouldn't change a thing- just keep making pizzas the way you do and the world will be better ;) Customer service is outstanding as well. Had a bit of an issue with my rewards card and I was contacted almost immediately by the owner to help resolve the issue. All around very satisfied/happy customer. Have told all my friends to bag La Fiamma and get on the Pizza'zza bandwagon!"
Krista Deroche
Bellingham wa
"Staff was super friendly and helpful"
Duane Holliday
Bellingham WA
"Quick service and pizza was great"
Betsey Spencer
Bellingham WA
"Great pie"
Michael Daughters
Bellingham WA
"The staff were very friendly and attentive. The pizza was excellent"
Danni Rogers
"The staff are personable and the food is awesome!"
Joel Wasson
Bellingham WA
"Great pizza, great sandwiches, and it's awesome that you use such quality ingredients! This is our go-to place!"
Heather Klusman
"I really enjoy the quality crust, sauce and toppings! The menu flavored are great. I'm crazy about Little Italy, Yoolie, and Rustic Chicken. Bravo!"
Mary Hall
Bellingham WA
"We always enjoy our pizza from you! Service was excellent and we appreciate your specials!"
Lanra Cardinal
Bellingham WA
"Service was timely. Friendly and efficient."
Manuel Emanuel
Bellingham WA
"The best pizza."
Phil Jones
"Friendly staff-on the phone and in-person!"
Kathy Denney
"Friendly pizza maker, great pizza."
Erik Coburn
Bellingham WA
"Friendly service and good food!"
Michael Breeding
"I honestly loved how nice and awesome the people in the mobile restaurant were. Super friendly and made great suggestions"
Carlos Carreon
"I think your pizza is the best in town. We love it! "
Cara Jaye
Bellingham WA
"Food ready on time, friendly service on the phone while ordering and at pick up. Always a pleasure to deal with."
Vicky Garfinkle
Bellingham WA
"Sweet and friendly staff."
Joseph Wystup
"I like that I can expect a perfect pizza every time. I like that ingredients are always fresh."
Jason Iwasaki
Bellingham WA
"Convienient, efficient, friendly service."
karen schlemmer
"The staff are always great ands the pizza is the best in town."
Erin Granahan
Bellingham WA
"Friendly staff - best pizza in town!"
Maya Henderson
"Food is always excellent and the service is quick."
Joshua Salwitz
Bellingham WA

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