Listen To What People Are Saying About Jerrol's

"Got everything l needed as usual. Fun place to shop. "

Joni Gillard

"Always treated great!"

Debi Thompson

"It feels good when someone greets you as you enter. I appreciate the consistently friendly and helpful staff!"

Carla Ketchum
Ellensburg WA

"Staff was very helpful."

Susan Wilson
Ellensburg WA

"As always, you have the BEST customer service ever!!!"

Gloria Bugni
Ellensburg WA

"I came in to purchase "Fear". Staff wasn't sure if there was a copy available but immediately checked on the status and found a copy for me. I also love chatting with the cashiers. They are always focused on one customer at a time. Thank you "

Ann Pratt

"The cashier was very patient with me and was very friendly!"

Emily Stanley

"Attentive Service, had everything I needed"

Rachael Scott
Ellensburg WA

"i didn't know that you carried HP printer ink, for my old Hp Photosmart that uses 02 cartridges. What a nice surprise, since I have to always order them. I always enjoy my trips to Ellensburg, because I get to spend time browsing Jerrol's!"

Linda Allegre

"Your staff is always helpful."

Larry Lowther
Ellensburg WA

"A very friendly and helpful staff. They knew the inventory equally well. "

Bambi Miller
Ellensburg WA

"personal assistance/care and asking for feedback after my project with materials purchased was complete"

Jeryl Brenner
Ellensburg WA

"I liked that there is a bathroom available at the attached Winegars;) I thought it was cute that the cashier apologized for my "wait" of about 10 seconds while she was bagging something for another customer. Just stay in business. I don't shop a lot, but I rely on having your store available for office/teaching supplies and books! Thanks."

Hilary Lampard
Ellensburg WA

"The staff was so very friendly and helped us sign up for & explain the rewards program. Unfortunately the item we purchased has a few imperfections we did not notice, so we’ll be needing to come back into the store to see if we can exchange it. "

Jenna Sundesten

"Smiles and courtesy"

Linda Lundy
Ellensburg WA

"Personal assistance to find what I needed in a hurry :)"

Joanne Hillemann
Ellensburg WA

"Great ssrvice as usual"

Becky Carollo
Ellensburg WA

"Staff is always super helpful and friendly!"

Laura Lipsky

"It’s a really neat store! We just moved here and the store felt very welcoming!"

Rebecca Robinson

"I thought it was very good. Nice staff and the staff were eager to help you without you having to ask! "

Annalysse Schiaffino

"Staff was very helpful"

Tyler Mitchell

"Great staff and welcoming environment! "

Madilynn Mackie

"Always friendly helpful folks... Keep up the good work! "

James Huckabay
Ellensburg WA

"The staff was very helpful and answered all questions."

Keith Axthelm
Ellensburg WA

"Stay was very helpful. Located a specific item for me when I could not find it. Everyone there is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable."

Debbie Hulbert
Ellensburg WA

"Person working at the counter quickly volunteered to show me where the poster board was and explained the sizes and prices of the options. Really top notch customer service. All of your employees and such a breath of fresh air, friendly and happy to help, but not pushy. You must have a great recruiting/training process!"

Shannon Walker

"I walked through the door when a young girl asked if she could help me. She went with me to the ink and to the counter to pay. It was quick and I appreciated that!!!!"

Ann Warren

"Liked the variety of products sold, the friendliness of the staff"

Meghan Young

"Large inventory - always find what I needed - and more"

Carmen Knoke
Ellensburg WA

"We are really grateful for the excellent customer service we receive at Jerrold!"

Roberta Clark
Ellensburg WA

"Jerrol's always has what I need!"

Robin Green

"The store is amazing the staff was super helpful"

Aaren Krier

"Great customer service always!"

Sandra Sandeno

"Jerrol’s always has what I need. And then some! Of course it was a bonus because it was dollar ice cream scoop night. Mmmmm How convenient! Winegars next door! Improvement?? Jerrol’s has it all covered. Can’t think of improvements needed."

Janet Downs

"Very welcoming staff, helped with any questions."

Alexia Thomas

"I enjoyed the service and the ice-cream."

Samantha Gilmore

"Great CWU gear!!!"

Tamara Giacomoni

"The sales associate was courteous, knowledgeable and friendly"

John Cavanaugh
Cle Elum WA

"Jerrol's employees are friendly and helpful. Most of the time this store has what I need, if not they will order for you at no extra charge. :) "

James Harper
Ellensburg WA

"It was easy to find what I wanted. As always staff was helpful and fun to interact with. "

Ann Pratt

"Great selection of office supplies and good customer service. "

Emily Ayers

"Staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating."

Patti Thomas

"Very friendly and helpful staff. "

V.I.P Adult Family Health
Ellensburg WA

"- Variety of products - Finding what I needed quickly - Having what other local stores don't - Knowledgeable staff"

Devon McDonald

"Everyone is so nice and very welcoming. "

Arrington Stoll

"Everyone wad very friendly and helpful."

Christina Martin

"I liked the short distance from parking to store entrance."

John Harris
Ellensburg WA

"I love that Abby is back!!!!! So wonderful to see her familiar and friendly face welcoming me and helping me (I still need help in the store no matter how many times I've shopped). Thanks for hiring amazing people. I know it sounds weird, but it so matters who is behind the counter because that person can make the few moments you're in the store really great, even special. It is so rare in the retail experience. Thank you for caring that I drop my dollar in your store and showing me that by the way your employees interact with me. I LOVE JERROL'S."

Trina Lanegan

"Friendly quick greeting when entering the store, informative in answering questions and great costomer service!"

Teresa McCollum

"I know that when I come into your store I will come out with what I need. Your staff is always helpful. This time was more special than usual. I came in looking for some supplies to prep photos for the fair. The gentleman who helped me said that if you all didn't have a package of the hanging tabs that I needed, he would get me some from the store's 'stash.' It turned out that you had what I needed, but it was nice to know that you had my back. Thank you!"

Heidi Shaw
Ellensburg WA

"Just moved to Ellensburg! Love this place. Thank you! I am a smal-businessl craft-artisan and it's so good to have a place where I can get supplies!"

Eliot Reese

"staff is so friendly and helpful. Products are what I need for office plus unique gifts. "

Kendra Ford
Ellensburg WA

"It's hard to improve on excellence, but Jerrol's continues to succeed!"

Andy Howard
Kenmore WA

"Always great products! "

Scott Robertson
Ellensburg WA

"Liked the fact fact that you had the item in stock and a friendly cashier."

Joan Brown
Ellensburg WA

"Good friendly, helpful service. Keep up the good work."

Janett Walker

"Being a teacher, Jerrol's is always a stop I make in August for classroom supplies. Thank you!"

Rebecca Dunbar
Ellensburg WA

"Great art supplies!!"

Kathleen Nelson

"Knew exactly where to go and the book I wanted was in stock, perfect!! "

Brittany Holmes
Ellensburg WA

"As always, it's all about the staff: friendly and helpful without being intrusive if you just want to wander the store. Almost makes it a pleasure to spend money on printer ink! (Okay, I said almost... :D) "

Liz Fountain
Ellensburg WA

"Great selection of basic homeschooling supplies."

JoAnna Gordon

" Everyone is always so helpful and smiling. It's a pleasure to shop there "

Jessica Rodarme
Cle Elum WA

"We were asked by several staff members if there was anything we needed help with and they actually meant it. When we asked questions, they went out of their way to find what we needed. "

Jessica Morris

"Jerrol's is a one-stop shop for my business in Ellensburg. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Sometimes I have a last-minute need for a form or office supply. Thanks, Jerrol's, for always having just what I need on the shelf!"

Pamela Fulton

"Sales people are friendly and helpful."

William Amo
Ellensburg WA

"Yah, Kendra. She's quick, helpful, fun, endearing. She tackled learning a new operation so she could order maps for me. She asked for help from a co-worker. Without interrupting her work on my purchase, she provided helpful information to another co-worker. "

Beth Waite
Ellensburg WA

"As always, service was great and cheery. Jerrol's has the goods!"

Ellensburg WA

"Fast and easy, and I got what I needed. "

Samantha Darling

"I was able to find what I wanted without ordering online.i like the kinds of things you carry.learning toys,puzzles,arts and hobby shop items.seldom do I leave empty handed."

Joni Gillard

"Friendly and helpful staff. More people came to the register quickly when the extra help was needed-all the while with a friendly face and a positive attitude"

Jaymi Williams
Ellensburg WA

"Jerrols has a wide selection of many different types of materials. I love going there and just wandering around thorough the aisles. I am always pleasantly surprised at new items in different nooks of the shop."

Amanda Vonjentzen
Ellensburg WA

"This has always been my favorite store! The employees are always so helpful! Keep it up! "

Hannah Korbuszewski

"As always, my visit to your store is a pleasure! Especially nice to be greeted with a smile, a hello and how can I help you! I love the great customer service and the knowledge your employees have in helping you find whatever it is you are looking for! Keep up the great job!!"

Blanche Rhea

"great quality and great staff"

Shahtese Gable

"An enjoyable experience as always. Staff members are always friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to assist customers as well as co-workers. The store always looks great and employees are working, performing tasks in between transactions as opposed to standing around waiting. They are also observant and prompt. It's no wonder the business has thrived - they are a true convenience and I look forward to my next visit!"

Brittany Saboe
Cle Elum WA

"I liked that the staff knew me by name and greeted me as soon as I walked in to the store."

China Paulman
Tacoma WA

"Nice selection of travel journals and free ice cream!!!!"

Jeffrey Snedeker
Ellensburg WA

"Love that I am able to purchase quality Ellensburg mementos, products, items in the store."

Debra D'Acquisto
Ellensburg WA

"Best customer service anywhere! I love shopping at Jerrol's; they have unique items, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a great selection. I love the family history; this place is truly run like a family business should be!"

Janette Paulson
Kittitas WA

"Staff explained Rewards Program, and were friendly and helpful."

Michael Lopez

"I was very impressed with the personal help given in order to find coloring pens for my new hobby of adult coloring books. You have a beautiful selection and I have already told other people in my apartment complex of how affordable the pens were."

Cherl Taylor

"Jerrol's is a very pleasant, happy place to shop with a smile and a greeting for you when you walk in the door. They really know the meaning of customer service and I always feel like I get the help I need whether ordering a book or buying a specialty item. Thank you for having a great selection of art supplies as well. Laurae Y. Lygre"

Laurae Lygre
Ellensburg WA

"I really haven't been to Jerrol's more than a couple times in the past. I came in to check out The Room in hopes of finding a place to host my son's upcoming 4th birthday party. I first called to ask some questions and the girl on the phone was very informative and patient. When I came in, another girl greeted me and showed me around the rental space. She was SUPER nice and was willing to accommodate for all my arrangement requests. She took the time to leave a detailed note in the computer as to exactly how I wanted the room to look come party day. She then showed me where some items were, making several trips to the back with me. Another worker ran to the back of the store for me when I made an incorrect size selection, because I was carrying my infant all over the store. OVERALL This experience was a great one! I literally do not find service this good hardly anywhere anymore. I never write reviews like this either, unless the service is outstanding! PLUS, Jerrol's has a way better selection then I once thought and I will be making Jerrol's a regular stop on my shopping trips. Great craft selection, kids books, and school supplies!"

Jennifer Kenworthy

"I've only visited the store a couple of times but recognize the staff as being very knowlegable, helpful and friendly. This is going to be my go to place for supplies and books."

Robert Morthorst

"Beth was immediately helpful when I spoke with her on the phone to place an order. She put extra effort into meeting my request by doing some research after we spoke, then left a message with what she learned. The fact that Jerrol's delivers twice weekly to Upper County is a bonus. Thanks so much! Cindy Gregory / Mosaic Counseling Services"

Cindy Gregory
Roslyn WA

"Friendly place!"

Susie Martin
Roslyn WA

"The staff was super helpful in assisting us find what we were looking for. The variety and quality of items in the toy section is fantastic!"

Heather Hunholz

"I have been shopping here since 1967 when I started at Central. As an alum I stop when I'm driving through to check out what's new. Always a fun place to browse and shop. The one thing I miss is the sweatshirt blankets. I have a number of these myself, given as gifts, and also given as graduation gifts for friends kids going off to Central, and I have embroidered their names on then below the logo. I wish you would get them back in the store. I love this store, thanks for providing me years of Central."

Diana Payne
South Colby WA

"Very nice service"

Virginia Bennett

"The girl working at the counter was friendly and courteous. I didn't need help, but she offered with a smile."

Toni Hobbs
Ellensburg WA

"good place to buy what I need."

Debbie Douglas
Ellensburg WA

"Erin helped me with ordering two cook books that my daughter recommended. The books had been published several years ago and I did not know if they were still in print. Erin located both titles. She found one in England that was used in very good condition and she ordered it. The other was still in print and came from Oregon. She also noticed my bandaged finger from a recent surgery and we talked about it. She then sent me a thank you card and noted my "poor little finger". How personable is that! This is the kind of attention that just makes me want to keep coming back to Jerrols."

Sharon Romppel
Ellensburg WA

"I love all the art products and always enjoy browsing the books!"

Stacia Sealey

"I bought some cubic blocks for a great-niece's birthday. The young woman waiting on me was very professional and fun to talk to."

Sharon Rosell
Ellensburg WA

"Picked up the tickets to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" at your store. Thanks for helping spread the good news about the local Ellensburg High School Play. The play was excellent, performed in the Tower Theater at CWU. The cast performed most professionally under the direction of a locally talented director,Anneliese Childress. the band and music was delightful and the host of high school players did a very awesome job!! The singing and acting was superb. What a wonderful afternoon performance!"

Tana Knudson
Ellensburg WA

"I love the selection of children's books..."

Lacey Wedin
Ellensburg WA

"I love Jerrols. The customer service is out of this world!"

Jessica Tate

"Your staff is very friendly and anxious to please but they don't hover which is good. I like your new arrangements but it takes some getting used to. It seems more organized in that like things are together especially in the art/craft area."

Donna Ullman
Ellensburg WA

"What I appreciated most was the happy and helpful staff interacting with all of the customers. They were engaging, friendly, and very knowledgeable."

Amanda Ross

"Efficient and friendly service!"

Thomas Megargle

"Very helpful staff! Love this place"

Jamie Christensen
Ellensburg WA

"Your staff is always welcoming and helpful. I appreciate your community involvement!!!"

Iris Rominger
Ellensburg WA
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